DFC – Mustard Variety Pack


DFCBBQDFC Mustard variety pack provides you a full selection of unique and tasty mustard’s.  Having a BBQ at the cottage this weekend? Looking for a unique gift for the foodie in your life? The mustard variety pack can help you out – Ginger, Wasabi, Maple Crunch and their Hot & Seedy Mustard makes up this tasting pack.

Size: includes one 60ml jar of each flavour (total 240 ml)

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“David has been making BBQ Sauce for family & friends for over 20 years. Everyone kept saying he should bottle and sell it. So that’s what he did.”

With moving away from Toronto to Frontenac County, David found that he had a lot of time on his hands because he wasn’t sitting in traffic all the the time. In the process of getting ingredients for DFCBBQ sauce, he discovered the richness of the food locally offered #InFrontenac. Using his background as a chemist, David was easily able to scale up his sauce from the kitchen stove to a production batch made at the OAFVC.

The sauces contain as many local ingredients as we can source. We have honey from a local bee-keeper who knows where all his bees go. There’s lots of garlic in all our sauces and there’s lots of garlic grown in the area which we make use of. Some of our products (Maple Crunch Mustard & Maple Root Beer Sauce) have maple syrup in them and we use real maple syrup from Ormsbee’s in Battersea, Ontario, which is #InFrontenac.