Leg of Lamb Steaks


These sheep lived a fantastic life with access to over 30 acres of grassy rolling hills.  Diet is primarily Kentucky blue grass, clover and wild flowers.  Sheep are fed a small amount of certified organic grain in the evenings.

These large thick cut chops are cut from the leg with bone in providing maximum flavour.

Average package weight is 1.8 pounds (820 grams)

Chops come butcher wrapped and frozen.


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Our sheep are cross bred to instill characteristics that are well suited for Eastern Ontario’s hardy outdoor environment. We raise a mixed breed of Lacuane, British Milk Sheep and East Friesian. Born in the spring and raised on organic pasture until the fall, our sheep enjoy an idyllic lifestyle free roaming over 30 acres of grassy hillsides. On pasture they will find a variety of grasses, clover, wild flowers and even apples. In the evening they come back to the barn for overnight protection and are fed a small portion of certified organic mixed grain and have plenty of access to water and dry hay. The end result is delicious lamb that you can feel good about. Organic, grass fed lamb is difficult to find in Ontario, with most grocery stores and resorting to selling lamb from New Zealand.