To our Valued Customers –

We appreciate you taking the time to read through this letter.  As a certified raw milk cheese producer we have always adhered to stringent CFIA and KFLA public health recommendations for sanitation and food safety.  With the development of Covid-19 we will continue to ensure your cheese is produced under the highest food safety standards.  At times like this, living in the “Back Forty” (rural setting in North Frontenac) has its advantages.  We are quite isolated and come into contact with very few people.  Due to the sudden slide in orders we, Jeff and Jenna, are now the only people in our small processing facility and are following the most rigid personal hygiene and cleaning procedures.

We need your help. Manufacturing a perishable food always has its challenges but thanks to our loyal customer base up until now we’ve always been able to move our cheeses in a timely manner.  Our cheeses are crafted 2-6 months in advance of hitting shelves and restaurant kitchens.  Due to our small size we do not supply large grocery chains.  The support of restaurants, convention centres, and independent cheese shops is what keeps us and our local dairy farms in business.   As a result of the recent closures, orders have been drastically reduced and we are now left with over a thousand kilograms of delicious cheese.  Softer cheeses and natural rind varieties such as Madawaska, Ompah and Highland Blue will continue to ripen and surpass the point of being edible.  If we do not find a home for these cheeses the financial burden may be too severe for a small business like ours to bounce back from.  Unlike many of the manufactured products available, cheese is alive and therefore has a limited life span.  An added challenge lies in the cyclical nature of our most valued raw material – milk.  Each year we work closely with our farm partners to figure out how many sheep will be bred for lambing in order to adequately meet the needs of our customer base.  Once lambing is complete and ewes start their milking cycle the “tap” is on.  If we are forced to halt production and stop milking, unlike most businesses, our supply chain would be dead until next spring which would obviously have a severe impact on Back Forty Cheese and the six family farms who provide us with necessary milk to make this possible.


Wholesale Customers:

For those in the Toronto area, we would like to encourage our valued wholesale customers to reach out to 100 KM Foods if you still have a means of providing fine cheese to your customer base.  For Eastern Ontario, Findlay Foods based out of Kingston still has adequate inventory of all of our cheese varieties and both distributors are still actively delivering orders to all customers who remain open.

Direct Customers:

PICK UP OPTION:  We have a variety of our cheeses as well as Seed to Sausage cured meats available to purchase and pick up directly from our farm.  In order to provide you with a risk free shopping experience you will need to pre-order and pay online and your cheese order will be custom packed and ready to pick up, free of any social interaction or contact with others. Your order will be available the day after the order is placed and payment is received.  Please note in the comment section of your order which day you will be picking up.


Thank you to everyone who has ordered with our delivery service over the past few months.  We will be stopping our deliveries for the summer however we are still offering curb-side pick up at farm 7 days a week at 1406 Gulley Road, Mississippi Station, ON.