Back Forty – Holiday Gift Basket


The Back Forty holiday package not only makes a great holiday gift but also supports some other small artisanal producers from the region.  We’ve carefully selected cheeses and items that will store well so they can be enjoyed over the holidays and into the new year.

Each gift box includes;

  • One  – Fine Chocolate by Ludwig, “Maple Almond” 40 gram chocolate bar.
  • One  – Crooked Hills Honey 500 ml clear honey
  • One  – Tasha’s Table Straberry Lavender 60ml
  • One – Seed to Sausage “Saucisson Sec” dry cured salami  (approx 185g)
  • One – Seed to Sausage “Chorizo” dry cured salami (approx 185g)
  • One  – Back Forty Artisan Cheese “Ompah” semi soft washed rind raw sheep milk cheese wedge (approx 160 grams)
  • One  – Back Forty Artisan Cheese “Highland Blue” raw sheep milk cheese wedge (approx 160 grams)
  • One – Back Forty Artisan Cheese “Bonnechere”  torched rind raw semi hard sheep milk cheese wedge (approx 180 grams)
  • One – Back Forty Artisan Cheese “Pecorino Verona”  Natural rind hard sheep milk cheese aged over 1 yer wedge (approx 180 grams)
  • One – Reusable gift basket
Available to order now and pick up at the farm / dairy during our holiday open house on Saturday December 10th, or Curbside any day after the 11th. Simply store in the fridge until you’re ready to gift. 
Limited quantities available

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Back Forty Artisan Cheese – 

This selection provides a well rounded variety of cheese including blue cheese (Highland Blue), a semi soft washed rind (Ompah),  a semi-firm torched rind aged cheese (Bonnechere) and thier delicious extra old hard cheese (Pecorino Verona) .  All of these cheeses are carefully crafted with raw sheep milk and vacuum sealed for freshness so they can be enjoyed during the holiday season or into the New Year.

Fine Chocolate by Ludwig – Maple Almond (40 grams)-

Made with “noble-grade” Criollo, Trinitario and Wild Cocoa beans from selected farmers in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Dominican Republic, paid above Fair trade prices, manufactured in Switzerland under the highest quality standards and perfected by Chocolatier Ludwig Ratzinger into a superior chocolate bar.

Tasha’s Table Straberry Lavender Jam (60ml)

These super versatile condiments can be used as a relish, on cheese-plates, and even to glaze vegetables or meat. Using local berries and lavender.

Crooked Hills – 500 ml Clear Honey

This premium raw liquid honey from Crooked Hills Farm comes from healthy bees pollinating the diverse plants and flowers of Back Forty’s organic pastures.  The result is a honey which contains a naturally rich and fresh flavour free of contamination.

Seed to Sausage – Saucisson Sec and Chorizo 

Sec – Award-winning salami in the authentic French style, using little more than salt, garlic, pepper, and patience. Yes, it actually won an award. Gluten free.  Chorizo – Traditional salami in the Spanish-style, spiced just right; bold, and earthy. You don’t need much to add a level of complexity to any dish that foodies will relish. Gluten free.