Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee – Pitch Black


Pitch Black

Roast - French
Origin - Multiple Origins (Blended)

This is our go to coffee at the Back Forty Homestead.  An exotic blend designed to relish the heat of dark roasting.  This is a full-bodied cup with a bitter-sweetness that overlays carbon and charcoal tones. It is sharp, stinging a bit down the center of the tongue, yet with a pleasant mouth-feel.  A French roast as it is intended.

Size: 12 ounce
Type: Whole Bean

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About Us

We are a hand-roaster of small-batches of carefully selected coffee beans.

As a small-scale coffee roaster, our focus is on quality and attention to detail. We work directly with our customers to select the coffee beans and roasting profile to create your unique flavour template.

Located just outside Lanark, Lorraine and Bill have lived off the electrical grid for the past 25 years, generating electricity and heat directly from renewable resources. 100% of our water use is recycled back to nature, and our garbage waste stream motto is simple; “If we can’t recycle it or reuse it, we don’t use it”. We also drive a fully electric car that is charged using solar electricity.

We have translated our way of life into the same philosophy at Fluid. Sustainability of our energy sources; small-batch coffee roasting and eliminating waste streams as well as using compostable coffee bags are part of our commitment to the environment and to ensure we are your trusted supplier.